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TitelSortiericon Publisher Genre Genre Wertung: User Wertung: Redaktion
A Hand in the Darkness Ertal Games Adventure Story-Adventure
A Handful of Keflings VR NinjaBee Strategie Aufbauspiel 5.5
A Hat in Time Gears for Breakfast Actionadventure 3D-Actionadventure
A Healer Only Lives Twice AGM PLAYISM Rollenspiel Action-RPG 5.5
A Hole New World MadGearGames Actionadventure 2D-Actionadventure 5.5
A House of Many Doors Pixel Trickery Actionadventure 2D-Actionadventure 5.5
A Kingdom for Keflings Microsoft Game Studios Strategie Aufbauspiel 7.0
A Knight's Quest - Spirit Shield Curve Digital Actionadventure Open-World-Actionadventure
A Land Fit For Heroes Liber Primus Games Rollenspiel Taktik-RPG 5.5
A Legend of Luca Legend Studio Action Taktik-Action 5.5
A Line in the Sand SSI Strategie Rundenstrategie 7
A Little Less Desperation Marian Cerman Adventure Point-and-Click-Adventure
A Little Lily Princess Hanako Games Adventure Story-Adventure 5.5
A Long Way Home Jonathan Mulcahy Action Puzzle-Action 5.5
A Magical High School Girl Sekai Project Rollenspiel JRPG 5.5
A Mind Forever Voyaging Infocom Adventure Point-and-Click-Adventure 7.5
A More Beautiful World Sekai Project Adventure Story-Adventure
A Mortician's Tale Laundry Bear Games Simulation Berufssimulation 5.5
A Near Dawn Far-off Daydream Games Adventure Point-and-Click-Adventure
A New Beginning Deep Silver Adventure Point-and-Click-Adventure 7.5 8.5
A New World - Kingdoms Red Phoenix Studios Strategie Globalstrategie 5.5
A Nightmare on Elm Street Monarch Software Actionadventure 2D-Actionadventure 5.9
A Normal Lost Phone Plug In Digital Adventure Detektivspiel 6
A Pixel Story Channel 4 Action Jump-and-run 5.5
A Place for the Unwilling Adventure Point-and-Click-Adventure
A Plague Tale - Innocence Focus Home Interactive Actionadventure 3D-Actionadventure
A Quiver of Crows Sheado.net Action Shoot-em-up 5.5
A Rite from the Stars Phoenix Online Publishing Adventure Point-and-Click-Adventure
A Robot Named Fight! Matt Bitner Games Action Jump-and-run 7
A Room Beyond Renè Bühling Adventure Point-and-Click-Adventure 5.5