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TitelSortiericon Publisher Genre Genre Wertung: User Wertung: Redaktion
Angry Birds Trilogy: Anger Management Activision Casual Game Puzzle/Logik 4.8
Angry Fish Frozen Software Casual Game Puzzle/Logik
Angry Fish Deep Sea Frozen Software Casual Game Puzzle/Logik
Angry Fish Halloween Frozen Software Casual Game Puzzle/Logik
Anna Kalypso Media Adventure Point-and-Click-Adventure 6.4
Anomaly - Warzone Earth 11 bit studios Strategie Echtzeit-Strategie 7.1
Apache - Air Assault Activision Simulation Action-Flugsimulation 6.3
Apocalypse - Desire Next Idea Factory Rollenspiel JRPG 5.5
Apples to Apples THQ Entertainment Casual Game Karten-/Brettspiel 5.4
Aqua Microsoft Action Arcade 5.6
Aqua Kitty - Milk Mine Defender Tikipod Action Shoot-em-up 5.8
Aquazone - Life Simulator Frontier Groove Simulation Lebens-Simulation 5.5
Arcadecraft Firebase Industries Simulation Berufssimulation 5.7
Arcana Heart 3 Zen United Action Prügelspiel 5.9
Arcania - Gothic 4 Jowood Productions Software Rollenspiel Open-World-RPG 5.8 6.0
Arcania: Fall of Setarrif Nordic Games Rollenspiel Open-World-RPG 5.8
Ares - Extinction Agenda Origo Games Action Jump-and-run 5.3
Ares - Extinction Agenda Ex Origo Games Action Jump-and-run 5.5
Arkedo Series - 01 Jump! Arkedo Action Jump-and-run 6
Arkedo Series - 02 Swap! Arkedo Casual Game Puzzle/Logik 5.5
Arkedo Series - 03 Pixel! Arkedo Action Jump-and-run 5.9
Armored Core - For Answer Ubisoft Action Third-Person-Shooter 5.9
Armored Core - Verdict Day Namco Bandai Games Europe Action Third-Person-Shooter 6.6 6.5
Armored Core 4 505 Games Action Third-Person-Shooter 5.5
Armored Core 5 Namco Bandai Games Action Third-Person-Shooter 5.1
Army of Four Electronic Arts Action 3D-Action
Army of Two - The Devil's Cartel Electronic Arts Action Third-Person-Shooter 6.3 6.0
Ascend - Hand of Kul Microsoft Game Studios Rollenspiel Hack and Slay 3.0
Ascension Hatching Disaster Action Arcade 4.2
Ashes Cricket 2009 Codemasters Sport Sportsimulation 4.2