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Titel Publisher Genre Genre Wertung: User Wertung: Redaktion
I Am Alive Ubisoft Actionadventure 3D-Actionadventure 6.5 5.0
I am Bread Bossa Studios Simulation Berufssimulation 4.5
I am Caligula Seraphim Creations Rollenspiel JRPG
I Am Setsuna Square Enix Rollenspiel JRPG 7.3 6.5
I am the Hero Crazyant Action Prügelspiel
I and Me Wish Fang Action Jump-and-run
I can't escape - Darkness Fancy Fish Games Rollenspiel Dungeon Crawler
I Dig It InMotion Software Action Arcade
I Expect You To Die Schell Games Action Puzzle-Action 8
I fell from Grace Deep Taiga Actionadventure 2D-Actionadventure
I Hate Running Backwards Devolver Digital Action Shoot-em-up
I Hate Santa VirtualRock VR Action Egoshooter
I Hate Zombies Turbo Chilli Action Arcade
I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream Cyberdreams Adventure Point-and-Click-Adventure 7.1
I Keep Having This Dream Fireflame Games Casual Game Puzzle/Logik
I Love Hue Zut Games Casual Game Puzzle/Logik
I Love Katamari Namco Casual Game Puzzle/Logik
I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1 Microsoft Action Arcade 7.2
I of the Enemy Matrix Games Strategie Echtzeit-Strategie
I of the Enemy - Ril' Cerat Matrix Games Strategie Echtzeit-Strategie
i saw her standing there Armor Games Casual Game Puzzle/Logik
I Shall Remain Scorpius Games Rollenspiel Hack and Slay
I Want To Be Human Rising Star Games Action Jump-and-run
I was an Atomic Mutant ValuSoft Action Third-Person-Shooter
I'm not Alone TGC - The Games Company Actionadventure Survival-Horror 5.5
I'm Titanium SGS Team Action Shoot-em-up
I, Gladiator Burlington Trading Limited Rollenspiel Hack and Slay
I, Zombie Awesome Games Studio Casual Game Geschicklichkeit 6.3
I-Ninja Namco Action Arcade
I-War - Rebellion im Universum Infogrames Simulation Weltraumspiel 7.4