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Titel Publisher Genre Genre Wertung: UserSortiericon Wertung: Redaktion
Agricultural Simulator - Historical Farming United Independent Entertainment Simulation Berufssimulation
Atomic Ninjas Grip Games Action Jump-and-run
Aeon of Sands - The Trail Two Bits Kid Rollenspiel Dungeon Crawler
Almightree - The Last Dreamer Digital Tribe Casual Game Puzzle/Logik
Alien Robot Monsters Kraftix Games Casual Game Tower Defense
Air Brawl Landfall Games MMO MMO-Action
Albino Lullaby - Staffel 1 - Episode 2 Ape Law Adventure Ego-Adventure
Albino Lullaby - Staffel 1 - Episode 3 Ape Law Adventure Ego-Adventure
Aberford Sketchy Panda Games Actionadventure 3D-Actionadventure
Alum Crashable Studios Adventure Point-and-Click-Adventure
Alice Dreams Tournament Alice Team Casual Game Partyspiel
A Tofu Tail Casual Game Puzzle/Logik
Adventures of Bertram Fiddle - Episode 2 - A Bleaker Predicklement Deck13 Interactive Adventure Point-and-Click-Adventure
Animal Gods Still Games Actionadventure 2D-Actionadventure
Astraea Norwind Interactive Simulation Lebens-Simulation
Anchors in the Drift Rollenspiel Action-RPG
Arcane Quest Adventures Nex Game Studios Rollenspiel Hack and Slay
Arcane Quest 2 - Dawn of the Guild Nex Game Studios Rollenspiel Hack and Slay
Arcane Quest Nex Game Studios Rollenspiel Hack and Slay
AeternoBlade 2 Corecell Technology Actionadventure 2D-Actionadventure
Antinomy - Justice, not Vengeance Actionadventure 3D-Actionadventure
Alan Wake 2 Microsoft Studios Actionadventure 3D-Actionadventure
Air Missions - Hind 3Division Entertainment Simulation Action-Kampfsimulation
Arcadian Atlas Rollenspiel Taktik-RPG
Astral Terra - Adventures on the Planes Tethys Interactive Rollenspiel Open-World-RPG
Anew - The Distant Light Resonator Actionadventure 2D-Actionadventure
Astrox - Hostile Space Excavation Jace Masula Simulation Weltraumspiel
Ace Combat 7 - Skies Unknown Bandai Namco Games Simulation Action-Flugsimulation
Apotheon Arena Alientrap Games MMO MMO-Action
Age of Steel - Recharge Pirozhok Strategie Echtzeit-Taktik